About Us

American Business Coaches is a Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. company.

Lorraine and Mark Turkel
James Wright and Mark Turkel
Rocky is our Chief Ball Officer or CBO
Scooter (black) and Merlin (gray) supervise the back office!

Our Story

We started our first networking group, Palm Beach Elite Networking in 2019. Each month, we find excellent speakers to educate and inspire us, and it turned out that most of the people that presented in our Elite Lunch was also a business coach. Mark and Lorraine continued to connect with coaches to make sure we had excellent speakers from a variety of industries and topics. Before long, we realized that we're connected to THOUSANDS of business coaches!

As we continued to evolve relationships and become personal friends with some of the people in this group of coaches we’re connected to, we found out that there’s really no good, national resource that provides coaches with the support they need in regards to courseware, exposure, and most importantly how to market and sell themselves and their businesses.

We also loved the idea of having a search engine for coaching, that people can use to find the right coach, for the right industry, in their location.  We want to see coaches succeed, and we want to help them get the exposure they need.

As Mark and Lorraine were growing the networking group, James was always right there to handle the automation and data requirements. He is the CTO of Palm Beach Software Design, Inc., so we’re in great technical hands!


We are located in Sunny South Florida, in the Village of Wellington! We’re about 20 minutes from the ocean and about 30 minutes from Boca Raton.