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Your Own Elite Networking Group!

We have the plan, the play-book, and we will help you succeed!

A Coach's Pain

Coaches have a tough challenge: Finding and soliciting new clients while managing your schedule of coaching sessions with your clients

Until now, you would have to do a bunch of free, but time-consuming work: presenting and lecturing. You spend time building up powerpoints, driving to meetings, and speaking to a new group of people that really want to hear what you have to say – and I’ll even say that they “need you” – but it is “once and done” because you don’t have time to follow up and nurture a new group of people.

American Business Coaches is the sister company of Palm Beach Elite Networking (PalmBeachEliteNetworking.com), and we have a solution for all coaches!

Instead of jumping around to everyone else’s networking groups, why don’t you be the leader and start your own? LET THE BUSINESS COME TO YOU, GET TO KNOW YOU, THEN REFER YOU TO THEIR PEOPLE! You already have all the skills necessary to do this – so let’s turn this into “business” and money!

Free and Paid Membership Models

For maximum flexibility, we have 2 types of membership models for your members: Paid Membership Model and Free Membership Model. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.  

Elite Lunch

How Can a Networking Group Help My Coaching Business?

That’s an easy one! The purpose of a networking group is to create a group of people that are happy and ready to refer other people in the group for business. People love giving others referrals, so why wouldn’t you be the leader of the group, so your people refer you? Running a networking group is like taking on 30+ sales reps! 

Your Palm Beach Elite Chapter

We are offering you the opportunity to have your own Palm Beach Elite Networking chapter in your area!  Networking with the people you want to both coach and recommend you, is the fastest and easiest way to grow your business. 

  • Networking Group Play-Book
  • Your Own Chapter’s Website (YourChapter.PalmBeachEliteNetworking.com)
  • Weekly Meetings (on Zoom or in-Person)
  • Advertising Revenue Model
  • Optional Membership Revenue Model
  • Platform to Promote Your Coaching Business
  • Support for the Group
  • Your Group is Part of a Larger Organization, offering additional exposure and advertising opportunities

Membership Types for your Group

A Free Membership includes:

  • No Billing or Bookkeeping necessary
  • No need for exclusivity of one person per industry
  • Member Attendance is optional
  • New people all the time
  • Members cannot complain about policy and pricing
Free Memberships offer income centers for the owner of the group in the form of advertising, newsletter, banners, directory listings and more. Some people charge for one or more of these things, and others offer it all for free, because they’re getting a ton of business from the group. 

A Paid Membership includes:

  • Annual Membership Fees is an income source for your business
  • Billing and Bookkeeping is necessary
  • Guaranteed exclusivity of one person per industry
  • Member Attendance is required
  • Same people all the time
  • Members may complain about policy and pricing
Paid Memberships offer income centers for the owner of the group in the form of membership annual subscription, advertising, newsletter, banners, directory listings and more. 

What Does this Cost to get Started?

The introductory startup price is ONLY $199 (a $500 savings) for the first year to make sure that you get off to a strong start.  We want you to have every  opportunity and resource available to make this a success! You can choose from having a Paid Membership or Free Membership, and you may change the membership type when you wish.

After the first year, if you choose to work through a Paid Membership Model, your chapter will pay a percentage of your membership dues. Annual Membership dues are set by the chapter,  with a minimum annual membership amount of $400/year.

If you elect to use the Free Membership Model, we will have a revenue-share model for advertising and paid events. There are minimum annual amounts for advertising and paid events that must be achieved to maintain free membership status.

Limited $199/year for your first year! Let's get started!

Let's discuss your coaching business, and how having your own networking group will help you grow your company. Click here to setup a 30 minute call with Mark Turkel, Founder.

Meeting in person is definitely on the horizon. We are currently meeting on Zoom because of the pandemic, but that hasn't slowed us down one bit! Referrals are flying, and business is happening! We'll all be back together in person, soon, we hope. Stay healthy and best wishes for a fantastic business!

Mark Turkel, Founder

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