Cathleen Mancino – The Slingshot Method
Live and Self-Paced Courses for Business and Personal Growth

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Live and Self-Paced Courses for Business and Personal Growth

You know the number one habit that holds people back?

If we are being honest, most of us have a really good sense of what we want but we overcomplicate it. Or, we get in our own way. Or, we refuse to take responsibility in the form of accepting the blame for all the failure, heartbreak and disappointment that has caused us to doubt ourselves.


I already believe in you and we have not even met yet.
Like most of us, maybe what you need is a little help…

Nothing, NOTHING is more gratifying than honoring the unique purpose of dreams and passions that call us to what feels unreachable, until we do reach that amazing dream of a career, a business, or a life. Whether it’s a business goal or a quality of life goal, you have some untapped potential that you know is inside of you.

As a Coach and a Vision Mentor, I work with clients who are committed to overcoming whatever obstacle stands in the way of the goal ahead. They just need a partner who has their back. My clients are bad asses that stop at nothing to achieve their definition of awesome. Together, we uncomplicate whatever holds you back and SLINGSHOT all of your untapped potential to live your best life and achieve your goals.

Take action and life becomes the incredible adventure of hitting big goals and living with abundance.

That was what your life was meant to be.